Our Team

David Sirbasku photo dsc_4054-2

David Sirbasku


David had the pleasure of being raised around Straight Egyptian Arabians. He has observed his family successfully producing champions for more than 40 years. He has been involved with Rock Creek Arabians and Arabians Ltd for years as a technical consultant, employing his business intelligence skills. In 2020 he began working every day at the farm taking over the financial management for his mother, Judy. Picking up the reins after his mother passed away, David spent his first year as president reorganizing and streamlining many aspects of the business.

“I feel we have the most cohesive team our business has ever enjoyed, collaborating comes naturally. We redefined our goals and implemented a new model on our substantial foundation. With equine services expanded for all breeds we are delivering quality care to a vast, diverse base of clients. Our staff has unparalleled conception rates that warrant bringing mares onsite to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Our Egyptian Arabian breeding program is aligned for quality and consistency over quantity, and I am excited to introduce our young stallions that are rivaling our more well known, champion stallions.

I am creating new relationships and reintroducing our high-integrity energy to clients we have long served.”

Stephane Robillard

General Manager

Stephane has been working with Straight Egyptian Arabians for more than three decades. After working for two large farms in Canada he moved to Texas in 1999 to work for Judy at Arabians Ltd. Stephane has successfully guided the reproduction division at Arabians Ltd. while also managing the farm. Being appointed General Manager in 2019, he works closely with Judy to preserve the Straight Egyptian Arabian, while continuing to develop Rock Creek Equine Services, a business that is open to all breeds.

Jenna Johnson

Farm Manager

Jenna graduated from the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an Equine emphasis. After graduating she went to Colorado State University where she completed a year long internship at their Equine Reproduction Laboratory. After working at three large Quarter Horse breeding farms she moved to Waco to work at Arabians Ltd. in 2011. Jenna keeps the clients updated on the current status of their horses, whether it be breeding, health or general inquires. She is essential in helping run the day to day operation for both Arabians Ltd. and Rock Creek Equine Services.

Luis Paniagua

Head Trainer

Luis, known to many as George, has been working at Arabians Ltd. since 1998. Luis enjoys conditioning, schooling and showing horses. He especially likes working with the stallions. In 2020 he has joined the reproduction team as the stallion handler in the collection area. His extensive expertise with stallions makes him a natural choice to handle the stallions for the safety of all. He enjoys watching horses grow up and reach their full potential. From having deep admiration for The Minstril in 1998 to currently working with his great-grandson Marbach RCA brings him a tremendous amount of joy.

Dr. R.F. Edwards

Resident Veterinarian

Dr. Edwards obtained his doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M in 1977. He opened his own practice in 1985. He has been working for Arabians Ltd. as the resident veterinarian for over 25 years. Dr. Edward’s private practice is exclusively dedicated to horses. With more than 40 years of experience, he is a great asset to our team.

Steve Robinson


Steve joined the Arabians Ltd. team as an exclusive maintenance man. As a multitalented person, Steve has a vast skill set including welding, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, advanced mechanical skills, and agriculture equipment operator. Steve stays busy around the farm keeping everything in working order. He is integral in keeping our farm looking beautiful.

Tiffany Cook

Stallion Book Manager

Tiffany has been engaging in equine photography at the farm for many years prior to joining the Arabians Ltd. team full-time in 2018 as the Stallion Book Manager. Tiffany was only 7 years old when she acquired her first horse, it was an Arabian. She started working with horses professionally when she was just 13 years old. She owns an Egyptian mare, a Polish mare, and a Purebred Arabian Stallion named Rajja RA. She is looking forward to a long and successful show career with him.