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Our Stallions

Here you will find our collection of exceptional stallions with diversified lineage to choose from for your special mare and produce an exquisite foal.

Bellagio RCA

Alixir x Rhapsody In Black (Thee Desperado)
2003 Black Stallion
15 Hands tall

Elegant RCA

Bellagio RCA x Mishaals Lily RCA (Mishaal HP)
2017 Grey Stallion
15.1 Hands Tall

Luxe RCA

Mishaal HP x Thee Scarlet Lady (Thee Desperado+)
2012 Grey Stallion
15.1 Hands tall

Marbach RCA

The Sequel RCA x Alia Galal RCA (Alixir)
2016 Bay Stallion
14.2 Hands tall

Shah Mishaal RCA

Mishaal HP x Bint Asila RCA (The Sequel RCA)
2012 Grey Stallion
15.1 Hands tall

El Fareid RCA

Shah Mishaal RCA x Illa Fariha Magidaa (Bellagio RCA)
2017 Grey Stallion
15.1 Hands tall

Cornerstone Mares

Rock Creek Arabians' Cornerstone Mares is a small group of outstanding individuals that have been carefully selected based on pedigree, conformation and predictability of exceptional foals.

Our effort in preserving the highest quality of Straight Egyptian Arabian bloodlines are produced through these special mares. Select offspring from our Cornerstone Mare are available for purchase, please see our Sale Horses section.

Sale Horses

For your consideration, exquisite individuals from our collection that will continue to preserve the highest quality Straight Egyptian Arabian.  We have many more beautiful horses that are not currently featured on this page. Contact us for more information.

Asila Bella RCA

Bellagio RCA x Bint Asila RCA (The Sequel RCA)
2017 Black Mare

Makaila CCA

Makalia CCA
2020 Bay Mare
Marbach RCA x Bint Rhapsody Inblack (Alixir)

Arabians Ltd Consultation

Whether you are looking to purchase the perfect Straight Egyptian Arabian or breeding your special mare to one of our stallions, our qualified experts can offer you advice on these important decisions. We have been providing recommendations for more than 40 years. We are happy to help you evaluate conformation and discuss bloodlines.

Arabians Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Jim and Judy Sirbasku in Waco, TX.