Our Story

Arabians Ltd., was founded in 1978 by Jim and Judy Sirbasku in Waco, TX.
Here is Judy’s story:
Looking back, I know it was a “right place at the right time” encounter.
I used to go to all the horse shows in Waco, TX., because it was something fun to do with my kids. That’s where I first saw Egyptian Arabian horses and met David Gardner. He was running Bentwood and showing horses at the time. David was so nice and let me pet the horses and feed them carrots. We went to every horse show they had.
Jim was always investing in something, and over dinner one night, I casually asked if he had invested in anything recently. He said “Yes, matter of fact I have, horses.” He had purchased 3 mares.
Jim ran into David Gardner at the country club and David overheard Jim talking about how he just sold an apartment building and was reluctant to pay so much capital gains. David suggested that he invest in horses. Jim didn’t believe this was possible and said he would have to run it by his accountant first. As luck would have it, they had the same accountant. They made an appointment and visited him. That’s how Jim and I started in the business. This unintentional meeting would evolve into a business partnership and lifelong friendship.
The horses gave my life a new dimension. Going out to Bentwood was therapeutic for me, I would lose myself in those horses. Their personalities are so fascinating. At that time, my son was in college, my daughter was a teenager, and visiting the farm gave my life a new direction. I love being their caretaker and I take that responsibility very seriously.
Judy Bint Gypsy Rose 1st Amateur Horse Show_216x144
I was honored every time those 1,000 lb. animals would come running to me for a treat. Soon, my horses would leave the herd when they saw my car coming. They would run down to the bottom of the pasture and wait by the fence for me to park my car. There were quite a few mares in that pasture, but mine were the only ones that came running down the fence line.
Jim and I were very much involved with Egyptian Arabians when David syndicated Ruminaja Ali.  After the syndication there was a necessity to introduce outcross bloodlines for Ali.  David and Jim purchased a group of mares from Australia.  That’s when they began their partnership that would evolve into Arabians Ltd. 
When Jim and I built our farm and our first mares walked off the trailer, I knew this is how I wanted to spend my life. We wanted to form a company that would help newcomers get started as breeders and would also provide the client services and continuing education that was not available at that time.  Many people have gone on to become big breeders through Arabians Ltd., and I think that’s pretty neat.
Jim and Judy_196x210
After Jim’s passing in 2010, I knew that going forward was what he would want me to do. He would never want me to give up on anything, so I knew I had to carry it forward, even though he wasn’t here to be with me and help me. It was something I had to do for him.
Moving forward with the business I want to focus on breeding which is what I truly love. Pairing the mares up with different stallions to see what you can produce. I will be keeping a select group of mares that will be called “Judy’s Signature Collection”. These mares will consist of my top producers as well as some retired mares that are dear to my heart. I will also keep my stallions and they will continue to stand at stud to the public.
I fell in love with these Egyptian Arabians.  I fell in love with their beauty.  And then I discovered their story, their rarity, their history. Straight Egyptian Arabian horses will always be my true passion.