Cornerstone Mares

Rock Creek Arabians' Cornerstone Mares is a small group of outstanding individuals that have been carefully selected based on pedigree, conformation and predictability of exceptional foals.

Our effort in preserving the highest quality of Straight Egyptian Arabian bloodlines are produced through these special mares. Select offspring from our Cornerstone Mare are available for purchase, please see our Sale Horses section.

Bint Magidaas Rose

Thee Desperado+ x Magidaas Rose RCA
2013 Bay Mare
In-foal to Elegant RCA for 2021

Mishaals Lily RCA

Mishaal HP x Desperados Lily RCA
2011 Grey Mare
In-foal to Bellagio for 2020

Princes Hamamaa RCA

Thee Desperado+ x Princes Legacy
2009 Grey Mare
In-foal to Bellagio RCA for 2020

Queen A Hearts RCA

Thee Desperado+ x Tanjara RCA
2005 Bay Mare
In-foal to Bellagio RCA for 2020