Equine Profile


The Elixir x The Prevue


1998 Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion

Sire of Multiple EBC Champions

From the December 2016 Arabian Horse World cover story by Jeffrey Wintersteen:
“The expression ‘falling in love’ comes from the fact that it is sudden and unexpected,” explains Mohamed Jaidah of Qatar. “You do not decide to fall in love, you do not take the time to fall in love. You just inexplicably have this strong and amazing feeling inside you that puts you on cloud nine. Like many people, I fell in love with the Arabian horse through the movie ‘The Black Stallion’ and when I decided to become a breeder, my first step in the Arabian horse world was with purebred Arabians. But it is really when I saw the Arabians Ltd. stallion Alixir that I truly fell in love. He took my breath away — his lines, his conformation, his movement, and mainly his attitude. Alixir represents to me the true spirit and beauty of the classic Arabian stallion.”

It was exactly this passion and love of the breed Mohamed articulates that led to Judy Sirbasku and her late husband Jim embarking on the journey of breeding Straight Egyptian Arabians thirty-eight years ago. Little did they realize when they established the farm in Waco, Texas, the significant global impact they would have on breeders like Mohamed and the entire international Arabian industry. Consider that Arabians Ltd.-bred horses have been exported to sixteen countries and to every continent except Antarctica. Horses from their bloodlines have won numerous National and World Championship titles. “It was a slow, but calculated evolution with some of the finest horses in the world that have been embraced by breeders of all Arabian horses, not just Egyptian breeders. I am particularly proud of that fact,” says Judy with a smile. “Often I find a horse somewhere in the world that really captivates me, only to find out it is Desperado-bred.”