Our Story: Rock Creek Arabians and Arabians Ltd.

Rock Creek Arabians/Arabians Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Jim and Judy Sirbasku in Waco, Texas.

Judy caught her first glimpse of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses at the Waco Heart of Texas coliseum. She often brought her son and daughter, David, and Susan, to peer through the stalls at the beautiful Arabians. It was there she and Jim met David Gardner, who was instrumental in the operations at Bentwood Farms.

After this serendipitous meeting. Jim and Judy purchased their first Straight Egyptian Arabian horse from Bentwood Farms. Soon, attendance at the holiday Arabian horse show in Waco became the family's Thanksgiving tradition. Judy was enamored with these horses- their beauty, their story, their rarity, and their history.

During Jim and Judy’s early work with the breed, David Gardner syndicated the famous Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion, Ruminaja Ali. After the syndication, there was a necessity to introduce outcross bloodlines for Ali. Consequently, David and Jim purchased a group of mares from Australia. This purchase began their partnership that would evolve into the Arabians Ltd. breeding program, which forever impacted the Straight Egyptian Arabian industry.

Jim, Judy, and David recognized the difficulty to educate and encourage more participation in Straight Egyptian Arabian breeding and showing. It was then that Rock Creek Arabians built facilities and Arabians Ltd. developed seminars and services to assist newcomers in the industry who wanted to become breeders.

Many Rock Creek Arabians/Arabians Ltd. clients have gone on to become prominent breeders in the industry.  Jim and Judy found these accomplishments as much a rewarding treasure to Rock Creek Arabians as the achievements of their horses, Thee Desperado+, The Sequel RCA, Bellagio RCA, Thee Infidel, *Mishaal HP, Thee Asil, and Rhapsody in Black, among many others.

Straight Egyptian Arabian horses will always be a true passion for Rock Creek Arabians/Arabians Ltd. Jim and Judy’s legacy lives on through the stallions and mares at farm in Waco and through the many lives of which they were so blessed to be a part. David is grateful to carry on his parents' legacy through his role as President.



Jim & Judy Sirbasku Arabians Ltd
David Bint Bint Asila RCA